Why Jordan Edwards’ Grades Absolutely Matter

Another day. Another hashtag. Another Black boy's life stolen from us. Another family ripped to pieces by a bullet from an officer that was supposed to serve and protect (everyone except Black bodies).  Jordan Edwards, a 15-year-old Black boy was murdered by a police officer after leaving a party that was becoming "too rowdy". Since … Continue reading Why Jordan Edwards’ Grades Absolutely Matter


Controversy with Civility

Hey y'all! I was first introduced to the words "Controversy with Civility" as a freshman student at UCF. As a part of my leadership program, we had to learn about the "7 C's of Change," which includes this concept. This idea basically says that great leaders (and followers of great leaders) know how to engage in controversial … Continue reading Controversy with Civility

I am Sandra Bland.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Sandra Bland's death in a Texas jail cell. She entered the facility 3 days before her death for "failure to signal a  lane change" and never left. When the news broke and her arrest was plastered all over the media, I saw so much of myself in her. … Continue reading I am Sandra Bland.

No Justice. No Peace.

"No Justice, No Peace! No Racist...Police!" This was one of many chants and declarations that could be heard as we flooded the streets of downtown Atlanta last night. Over 10,000 people, Black, Brown, White and otherwise gathered in the name of justice for Black lives. If I am being honest, while I have attended vigils … Continue reading No Justice. No Peace.

Golden Girls….in the hood?

Hey y'all! Back again to share today's rant/stream of consciousness. So, if you're a little thrown off the by picture, just hold on! Yes, these are the classic, HILARIOUS, say-whatever-they-want Golden Girls from Miami! (Yes, I know the show was not real). It is, however, my absolute favorite TV show...probably ever (I am about 100 … Continue reading Golden Girls….in the hood?