Dealing with my Toxic Family During the Holiday Season

Have you ever thought twice about going home for the holidays? Have you ever intentionally shortened a trip home so that you could keep your sanity? Do you rehearse #clapbacks for auntie, "So, you still don't have a man?" or cousin, "Oh, you think you're better than the rest of us because you're getting a PhD, … Continue reading Dealing with my Toxic Family During the Holiday Season


Dear Vulnerable Black Girls…

Have you ever been told that you're just too emotional or that you need to stop crying or to grow thicker skin? If so, this post is for you. As a young girl, my tears and sensitivities were constantly met with, "WHY are you crying? What are people going to think about you if you don't … Continue reading Dear Vulnerable Black Girls…

Why Jordan Edwards’ Grades Absolutely Matter

Another day. Another hashtag. Another Black boy's life stolen from us. Another family ripped to pieces by a bullet from an officer that was supposed to serve and protect (everyone except Black bodies).  Jordan Edwards, a 15-year-old Black boy was murdered by a police officer after leaving a party that was becoming "too rowdy". Since … Continue reading Why Jordan Edwards’ Grades Absolutely Matter


There is something so bittersweet about the grieving process. For Black Christians, it is often swept under the rug as we are encouraged to "just pray about it" and to "hold on to faith" Well, I would like to talk about grieving...faithfully. Yes, I know how faithful God is and that He has never left … Continue reading Grieving…Faithfully.

Why I hate the word “Motherless”

With Mother's Day on the horizon, I cannot help but think of those who may have recently (or not so recently) lost a Mother or Mother figure. Right now, stores are filled with Mother's Day cards, balloons, flowers and all of the goodies that we normally buy for the special Moms in our lives. However, … Continue reading Why I hate the word “Motherless”