About Raven

Born and raised in Sarasota, FL, Raven attended public schools within the Sarasota County School District. She graduated from Riverview High School’s IB Program, with honors, in 2009. She attended the University of Central Florida (#GoKnights!), majoring in Psychology and double-minoring in Spanish and Leadership Studies. While attending UCF, she developed a love a research and higher education when she became a Ronald E. McNair Scholar, traveling nationally and internationally to present my research. She is also a graduate of the UCF Burnett Honors College, publishing her undergraduate thesis on Black Women, Body Image, and Mentoring Relationships. She graduated from UCF in 2013.

In 2013, Raven attended the University of Georgia to pursue a Master’s of Education in Professional Community Counseling. During her clinical internship, Raven helped college students navigate feelings of academic anxiety, familial dynamics, cultural and social tensions, career exploration processes, and personal development concerns. She graduated with her master’s degree in 2015.


I decided to work full-time for one year after receiving my Master’s degree.  I returned home and accepted a position as a College and Career Readiness Advocate at a Title 1 school in my hometown. I enjoyed showing Black and Brown students what a potential college experience could look like, via campus tours and other experiential activities.

Raven is currently pursuing a doctorate in Counseling and Student Personnel Services. My academic and career goals include transforming the way Black experiences in higher education are perceived and understood. My pedagogy includes disrupting, dismantling, and deconstructing current systemic barriers to equitable education and counseling services for Black students in higher education. Raven is the founder of Counselors for Black Lives, a resistance organization committed to affirming the humanity of Black life, through counseling, e duration, activism, and service.

Raven is also one of three co-founders of #FirstGenDocs, a grassroots organization dedicated to supporting first-generation doctoral students.

When she is not engaged in doctoral studies, Raven enjoys taking long naps and binge-watching episodes of her favorite television show, The Golden Girls.