Help me launch #BrilliantBlackGirl!

Hi friends!

I know that it has been a while and I have so much to share with you all! This semester has truly been a whirlwind and I feel like I am still trying to play “catch up.” While I have some academic and professional life updates to share later, this brief post is in regards to a labor of love that is near and dear to my heart.

For a while now, God has been speaking to me about starting a non-profit for #BrilliantBlackGirls, just like myself (and many of you who read this blog). Just like when I wanted to start this blog, I put off starting the non-profit because I was terrified! I don’t know anything (yet) about non-profits and what it really looks like to launch a business or entity like that. However, after MONTHS of procrastination and being scared out of my mind, I got in touch with an attorney and began filing paperwork!

A lot of my hesitation also is linked to finances and believing that I just didn’t have enough to get the organization up and running. I prayed for an answer and God gave me the vision to launch a #teespring campaign to help me raise funds for the startup costs. If you or anyone you know has ever built a non-profit from the ground up, you know that it can become super expensive, just with filing the paperwork!

As a result, I wanted to share the link to the #teespring campaign in hopes that you all could help me make my dreams come true in launching #BrilliantBlackGirl! BBG is a faith-based organization that is designed for the education, empowerment and excellence of Black girls. Specifically, is designed to provide spaces of community for Black girls in academically gifted spaces who may not see themselves in the classroom. If you or anyone that you know would like to support by purchasing some #BBG apparel, please do so, here. The current campaign runs until March 30th, so don’t delay!

I believe that this is a #GodVision and I pray that something in this post speaks to you, whether you are able to support it right now or not. Sometimes the best that we can do is to step out and let God carry us through. I am stepping out now and believe that you can, too!

Until next time,


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