Bye- Bye 25, Hello 26!

Hey y’all! So this post is super-dy-duper over due. Now that I am on break for the winter, I am just now getting around to updating my blog with all of the posts that I have wanted to write since mid-semester and I decided to start with this one.

On Nov. 12, 2016 I turned a whole 26 years young (#BirthdayPrincess). I am HUGE on birthdays (and celebrations in general) so I decided to take a trip for my special day for the first time ever. So, I chose to go to #Charlotte with my friend Hannah to see our friend Sha. These 2 beauties were my saving graces during my Master’s program and I am so grateful for their friendship!

I am the truest form of a #homebody but I love to travel (ironic, right?) so I had to find a balance of hibernating on Sha’s couch and exploring the city. Thankfully, I have friends who also cherish #lazydays and didn’t mind taking long random naps and indulging in self-care while on vacation.

Over the course of my glorious #RayDayStaycation, we binge-watched Netflix, painted (without) a twist, went to the Harvey B. Gantt Cultural Center, ate amazing soul food and went to see #AlmostChristmas (which is a super cute movie btw!). Check out some of the pics below from my #RayDayStaycation in Charlotte.

My faves and I in downtown Charlotte after visiting the Gantt Cultural Center.
#BirthdayPrincess 11.12.16
Sister from another mom & mister
#CarolFay #SheGetsMe
Real friends let you wear a bright pink dress, tights, heels & a crown to the movie theatre!

I hope that you all find ways to celebrate yourself and others around you in the midst of school, family obligations and life in general. There will ALWAYS be something else to do but try to remember yourself in the process. For me, intentionally celebrating another chance at life on earth is essential. It reminds me that with every breath I take, God is in control.

Until next time,

#BBG (#BirthdayPrincess)

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