Young, Gifted, Black & Christian

Greetings, all!

It has been a while but I am happy to be back! School is certainly taking off so I do not have as much free time as I would like to write for myself. However, I wanted to take some time to give a few brief updates as well as to share a project that I have been working on.

First, school is going really well! Assignments (mainly readings) are picking up as we move closer to the middle of the semester, so that is always fun (*insert extreme sarcasm here*). However, as I have stated before, I have always loved learning so I am honestly enjoying it.

Second, Jesus came through BIG TIME and I was awarded an assistantship! This helps out drastically with my funding, especially since I am classified as an out-of-state student. I was sharing on Twitter how sometimes, as Black students in academia, we have to seek out any and every opportunity for assistance and a “foot in the door” moment. However, sometimes, Jesus builds the door Himself and still decides to carry you through a window! HA! I am grateful for those moments when God answers my silent prayers just as faithfully as He answers those that I cry out to Him about. WHEW! #WontHeDoIt?

Lastly, much of my time over the past few weeks has been dedicated to working on this project that I had for class called Young, Gifted, Black & Christian. For my Equity, Diversity and Inclusion course, we had to create a “digital” representation of 3 identities that we hold and explain how we have been socialized in each identity. For me, being a Black, Christian, Educated woman is extremely important. In the 9 minute video, I explain how I came to my faith, experiences that I have had as a Black woman, what it means to be a #BrilliantBlackGirl and how I intend to use these identities to create change.  The video could only be so long (I actually went over the time limit– oops!), so it is not as in-depth as I would like for it to be. However, I hope that it sheds some more insight into who #BBG is and why this blog exists.

So, if you have a few minutes, sit back, relax and enjoy my Young, Gifted, Black and Christian video! (The link is posted at the bottom of this page).

In solidarity,




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