FLOTUS is the ULTIMATE Brilliant Black Girl!

Everyone is ranting and raving about how amazing and captivating the FLOTUS’ speech was last night at the DNC. I, like others, am always in awe whenever Mrs. Obama takes the podium and commands the audience’s respect and attention. Last night, when she delivered the speech of a lifetime, was no different.

First Lady Michelle Obama is the ULTIMATE Brilliant Black Girl. Her grace, style, beauty, class and intelligence are just a few characteristics on a very long list of things that make her phenomenal. The fact that she holds down the most powerful HOUSE in the country (which she so eloquently reminded all of America was BUILT BY SLAVES), while also raising two equally Beautiful, Brilliant, Black daughters, is just icing on her already flawless cake.

In Mrs. Obama’s speech, she reminded us of how Black women in America have managed to navigate this space that so often tells us that we are worthless and do not belong here. “…when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No. Our motto is, when they go low, we go HIGH.” This, is the essence of resilience that flows through the veins of Black women who survived and reared children before, during and after slavery. This, is how Black women navigate the “Ivory Towers” of academia when we do not receive proper credit or recognition for our work (*cough cough*– #Melania). This, is how we seem to thrive, somehow, despite being devalued, dehumanized and disrespected everyday by men AND women, who refuse to see our humanity. This, is how my mama, and so many other Black mamas out there, found the courage and strength to raise two children on her own. This, is how we have learned to thrive, despite being told that our Black womanhood is “too loud,” “too intimidating” or “too angry.” This, is how in the midst of being told to shut up, sit down and stay silent, as Brilliant Black Women, WE STILL RISE.

I will always love the Obama family, as they are the only First Family that I have ever truly been invested in AND President Obama was the first candidate that I was ever able to cast a vote for in an election. As much as I love him and understand the historical importance of his mere presence in the White House for Black people, there is something so much more special about the First Lady. While President Obama has given immense hope to little Black boys all over the country, showing them that they, too, can be the most powerful BLACK man in D.C., Mrs. Obama has redefined what it means to be a Brilliant Black Girl for young women, all over the world. Those of us who are considered “nerds” or “geeks” because we always want to get the “A” (I am #guilty as charged). Or those of us who dare to dream of attending an Ivy League school, despite where we may come from. Or even those of us who simply dare to challenge society’s view of strong, powerful, outspoken, Black women.

My First Lady has made it acceptable for all of us to be Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Black Girls. It breaks my heart to think that we may never have another First Lady as dynamic as Mrs. Obama. In spite of that, one thing is for sure– she has left a lasting impression on this Brilliant Black Girl!




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