I am Sandra Bland.

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death in a Texas jail cell. She entered the facility 3 days before her death for “failure to signal a  lane change” and never left. When the news broke and her arrest was plastered all over the media, I saw so much of myself in her. Sandra was a Black woman, a social justice advocate and she was preparing to begin her new journey at an institution for higher education. We shared similar goals and both used our social media platforms to advocate and demand justice for Black lives. I am Sandra Bland.

Sandra spoke boldly about the injustices that Black people face. She made YouTube videos about what we could do, as every day citizens, to make a change and fight for justice. She was unashamed of her Blackness and shared it with the world. She was determined to make a difference. Like myself, she was also a member of a BGLO and used her platform to bring awareness to injustice. I am Sandra Bland.

When she was arrested, she was agitated and annoyed that this White officer had targeted her and was provoking her. She knew her rights and demanded to be treated with respect. She was vocal, unmovable and determined to be treated fairly by people who were SUPPOSED to protect her. She was a no nonsense, Brilliant Black Woman who was TIRED of the system taking advantage of her people. I am Sandra Bland.

One year ago, we lost this dynamic voice of power, resistance and change. Sandra dared to know her rights and demand justice for herself, and she paid the ultimate price. Her voice and videos live on, but it is OUR duty to never forget our sister and demand justice for her life, just as she would do if she had not had been murdered in that jail cell. WE ARE SANDRA BLAND.

Rest well, Sandra. Rest in the powerful circle of Brilliant Black Women who have gone before you and changed the world. We are still fighting for you!

In solidarity,




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