Hey y’all!

So…I have been gone for a while and have done a lot of thinking. Mainly thinking about why I had been gone for so long (#OverThinkersUnite?). During my “hiatus,” I found so many “reasons” (i.e. excuses) to NOT return to this blog any time soon. These EXCUSES ranged from “I don’t have enough time right now” to “I think I will wait until something more exciting happens.” When in reality, the time that I was WASTING coming up with reasons not to write could have been spent actually…WRITING. And while I was waiting for something “more exciting” to happen…I was missing every opportunity to just say what was on my mind, because we all know that tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

So, with that said, I am back and ready to hold myself accountable. When I first began this blog, I mentioned that it was more so for me to get my thoughts down and out of my head (which always seems to be cluttered with something) and to hopefully impact folks along the way. Sadly, I think I lost sight of that once I returned to school. It really is not about who likes what I have to say or who doesn’t…it is about doing what I believe God has called ME to do. It is about embracing my journey and not trying to drown out God’s voice calling me back to this space (which is EXHAUSTING because He always wins!). It is time to STOP. RUNNING.

Has God ever given you a vision that was so big that it scared half of the life out of you? Something that seemed so far-fetched that there was almost NO WAY (in your mind) that God meant for YOU to achieve it? Yep, me too. And what I have learned from these visions and dreams is that if I do not answer God’s call, He will call someone else to fulfill His purpose. Any trepidation or anxiety that I may feel about being obedient to this work would NOT compare to the regret that I would feel if God took my gift away.

Life happens. Time passes us by. We plan and we plan and we plan…and sometimes things still go awry. But you know what is constant? JESUS. Always and forever. Which means whatever He has called you to do, He will be with you as you endure and complete each task. So I challenge each of you (starting with myself) to stop running from whatever God has called you to do. Embrace it and walk beside Him as He guides you through it. Keep the vision and hold the promise. It is YOURS!

Until next time,



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