Welcome from Brilliant Black Girl

Greetings BBGs!

Thank you all for checking out my blog. I am brand-spanking new to the world of blogging, so please bear with me. I have wanted to create a blog (or as I sometimes call it “visual of the non-stop page-turning journal in my head”) for a LONG time now. However, due to imposter syndrome, procrastination and good old-fashioned fear–I kept putting it off. However, I am finally at a point now where I am ready to share some of my deepest thoughts with you. I am the purest form of an introvert that you could ever meet (I will probably say this one million times), so this is how I am coping with the many, many, many conversations that I have with myself inside of my head all day long. I enjoy being in the comfort of my own home, with the television on (or in silence) and just spending time by myself. This also proves to be a great time for me to talk to God, which I must do DAILY. I am a Christian and will often speak of my growing relationship with God on my blog. With that said, I welcome you to share your relationships and journeys with God as well! I love to hear (and see) how God is moving in people’s lives.

Additionally, this will be my space to debrief, process and analyze the day to day struggles and triumphs that come along with being a Brilliant Black Girl. This may often mean ranting, raving and in most cases collecting White tears from WIWP (well-intentioned White people). I welcome you to my space (pun-intended for anyone born between 1990 and 1995), and I encourage you to share as you feel led. Fair warning, however, is that I am very protective of my space, as it is one of the only places that I can be alone with my thoughts (blame my extreme introvertedness). Thus, I will not tolerate ANY form of hate on my page. I am here to encourage, inspire, uplift and empower, ONLY.

Again, stay with me as I continue to navigate this space and what it means to let people in to my often well-contained thought processes– although apparently my facial expressions will tell you everything that you need to know about what I am thinking. I am learning and really trying to challenge myself to share more of what is on the inside of me (blame my counseling background as well). Until my next post, I wish you love, peace, soul and #BlackGirlWisdom.


Brilliant Black Girl (BBG)


2 thoughts on “Welcome from Brilliant Black Girl

  1. So many thoughts!!

    1. I flipping love you and EVERYTHING about this blog!!
    2. LOL. Yes to the facial expressions. But someone once told me that “Just because you can see me thinking doesn’t mean you’re entitled to my thoughts.” Can I get some snaps, please??
    3. God has been preparing you for this! Your introvertedness is a BLESSING! To me and all the other BBG’s out there who need you to LET GOD USE YOU!
    4. Shoutout to God for making you and letting me know you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, sister! I love you & so appreciate your support! You are one of God’s greatest gifts to me! 😘😘😘


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